3 Benefits of using a sales territory mapping application to grow your business

September 13, 2017


So you have managed to grow your small business to the point where you find yourself in a position to hire more sales professionals. I mean, this is great news and all, but how do you find the right people in the right locations?  Folks who are located in geographically-strategic locations, as it relates to your company. Before you even start advertising your new job opening, you need to figure out which cities, counties, zip codes you want to recruit in. 


The task of finding the right sales people in the right locations is a challenge small business owners like yourself face all the time. It is a problem that can be solved by using a simple sales mapping tool. The ability to visualize your current team and their individual sales territories will allow you to determine which locations might be suitable for new products and where new sales agents need to be. 


In this post, I will share three basic advantages of using a sales mapping application to choose new sales territories and sales professionals.


Save time and money
It would be a huge time waster if you had to use old maps to mark out new sales territories. The time you could spend growing your business. With a sales mapping tool, you can easily identify growth areas and the professionals close to those locations. 


Data driven decisions
One major benefit of using a sales mapping application in this context is that there is no guess work involved. You will be able to make informed decisions about your business based on hard data and facts on the ground, thus reducing the potential for errors and miscalculations.



Efficiency and productivity
Using sales territory mapping tool to choose new sales territories and retail locations, as well as managing existing locations and staff, will help make your whole operation seamless and efficient. Make more accurate sales projections. 



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