Become a better boss today: 4 Easy tips

August 31, 2017


According to the department of labor, there are over 23 million one-man operated businesses today in The United states. There are, however, about 5 million other organizations with full or part time employees. At these entities, the owner/ boss/ CEO has the responsibility of running her business as well as leading her staff. A typical business owner in such a capacity deals with a range of staff-related issues on any given day. 



Personnel management can be a very challenging endeavor. Most small business owners cite this as one of their top obstacles at their firms. There are, however, some tips that can help any boss navigate the day-to-day challenges of managing a team.


Below are 4 tips to help anyone become a more effective leader.


1. Respect your employees' personal lives

Unlike you, most of your employees will not view the startup or business as the most important thing in their lives, and you should not expect them to, either. Allow them to express this view freely. Try to respect the elements of their lives they hold dear and they will perform as professionals and help build a more successful organization with you leading the way.




2. Do not create a cut throat environment

There are some so-called deal makers who believe that an effective management style is one that creates an environment where employees stab each other in the back for the boss's approval. In these cases, team members start to act like rivals, even enemies. I mean don't get me wrong, a bit of competition is healthy in any work environment but you want to make sure it is healthy competition and team mates still see themselves as just that.




3. Constructive motivation is a must.

In your quest to motivate your team, individually or as a group,  be sure to refrain from using negative motivational elements. Do not bring your personal issues into the workforce as a way to get your team to "win". Practice delivering motivational messages without using any negative motifs. At some point, your team will start to operate as a cohesive group based on positive goals. 




4. Start early

It is important to plan out what you want your company to stand for. I mean what will your firm be known for? What will be your core values, best practices, mission, vision? Map out what you want these elements to be, very early on and implement them from day one. Do not wait to get "bigger" to start.

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