Facebook Marketing vs Google AdWords

August 5, 2017


The Internet is easily accessible these days, opening up various unconventional avenues in the marketing arena. Marketing products and services online captures a good number of possible clients. It makes work much easier than using other means of advertising. Facebook and Google AdWords are just some of the many platforms available to small business owners for online marketing.



Facebook Marketing

Facebook Advertising - Learn How to Advertise on Facebook In Just a Few Minutes



Almost everyone has a Facebook account but, how often does one login to keep up with current events? Is it just a social media account? You can market your goods and services effectively and inexpensively via Facebook, and this is how to do it.

•    Upload your emailing list- By so doing; all email recipients receive all your adverts in your list that are associated with Facebook.


•    Have saved audiences. It helps you to reach out to the particular group you intend to market your products. 


•    Respond to messages. Your clients or fans will be able to know how fast you respond to their questions. It is advisable to respond as quickly as possible.


•     Try hand re-targeting. Adding Facebook tracking pixels on your website is a plus. You will be able to advertise to visitors who visited your page. It is a very profitable form of marketing.


•    Call to action page at the bottom right hand of your Facebook business page helps your fans contact your business fast.


Google AdWords Marketing

AdWords tutorial from Google - Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers


This platform is a pay-per click form of marketing and can work for almost all types of businesses. However, it requires time and money. Marketers have found out that if the time and money is spent well, it can deliver well. Here is why you should use AdWords. 

•    Flexibility: AdWords provides you with many options, you can customize your adverts to particular needs. You can display your keywords only to people who need that particular topic.

•    AdWords is measurable: Through the PPC metrics, you can determine how to strategize your marketing game. It is more transparent than other methods because you can see what is working.

•    AdWords is scalable :  with this platform, it doesn’t require too much time to get the leads you need. If you increase your PPC budget your leads increase automatically. It is useful for businesses that need a lot of leads, yet they are short of head and time.

•    AdWords formats are more engaging that other organic results. Higher clicks are better for any marketer. 

•    It complements other marketing channels. You can track back to your visitors on your website with a cookie. All your display ads will follow them through the internet. 

When marketing online, it is advisable to get the best platform with sufficient traffic. Facebook and Google AdWords have many visitors, therefore, one of the best pages to market products. However, make your strategy eye catching to draw more clients to your page. Also, know where your competitors advertise and place your adverts there too.


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