How To Attract Local Customers To Your Business: 3 Tools You Need To Look Into

July 1, 2017


With all the inexpensive technological gizmos available these days, it is now easier than ever to find and attract local customers to your retail location. Small businesses today have many tools to help them target audiences in their state, county, city, all the way down to the zip code level. 


Marketing consultants across the U.S have seen a spike in their small business customers over the past decade, thanks to Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Small businesses now have the same access to powerful marketing tools as their big-pocketed counterparts.





Facebook Ads Hack - Detailed Targeting for Local Businesses


Facebook is an increasingly powerful local marketing tool. Believe it or not, the platform is not only for stalking your exes and sharing moments with your friends. Facebook Business has a bunch of powerful tools that can help small business owners specifically target folks in their local area. One can even target locals based on their hobbies, occupation, interests, etc.


Do you only want to target DIY-ers in your area? Well you can, with the Facebook Local Marketing Apparatus. Facebook also makes it inexpensive to realize your local marketing ambitions. With monthly plans starting at $35, one can plan an effective, but inexpensive local marketing Campaign.


Google Adwords Express


How to get started with AdWords Express


AdWords Express offers online advertising for all businesses looking to increase their site traffic and get more transactions on their website locally or globally. It’s perfect for the one-person marketing team, or if you don’t need all the features of AdWords.




How to Use Foursquare for Business


Foursquare is another essential local marketing tool all small business owners with a local presence should consider. It is a free location-based mobile app that uses global positioning data to allow people to share information about shops, restaurants, bars and other attractions.


Users can automatically pick up suggestions on where to go from within their vicinity. The platform will allow you to create a free listing showcasing your business details and location. You will be able to construct a targeted message that will be available to your local prospects and showcase your company branding.


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