GeniusGIS assembles and combines geo-specific detailed demographic data as well as keyword search analytics, and customer-specific data as well as robust mapping to help retailers find and carefully evaluate new locations.

Optimize each location by combining  targeted customer demographics and territory data

Understand and Target Customers

Carefully Analyze customer online and offline shopping behaviors and sift through various online requests for your products in a specific geographic location.

Optimize Marketing 

Set realistic advertising budgets and goals based on analysis of area.

New Retail locations

Targeted geographic information helps analyze customer demographics and behavior to evaluate new store locations.

Sales & Marketing

Optimize store inventory

Carefully select the right items to feature on your store based on geographic area demographics.

Reduce Customer attrition

Targeted demographic data allows store to select the right mix of inventory items to keep customers coming back.

Improve Inventory

Optimize repair processes

Quickly access a detailed list of repair shops and supplies in close proximity to your location

Improve Customer service

Provide world class customer support. Armed with real time  customer-specific data like age, marital status, languages spoken, ethnicity, etc. 

Coordinate Maintenance

Other Cool Features

Explore endless possibilities and insights with our Cloud-based GIS mapping tool. Grow your business with confidence

Create Stunning PDF Reports

Our "Create a report" feature allows you to quickly and easily create stunning detailed PDF reports to share with your team and investors. Select from various templates to make your data come alive.

Download B2B and consumer marketing data

Not only does GeniusGIS provide you with the detailed demographic data based on your chosen geographical location, the system also allows you to download, in Excel format, all the potential customers in an area. Use this data for direct marketing.

Upload your own data

GeniusGIS allows you to upload your own databases to display alongside a wealth of demographic data to help make informed strategic business decisions.

Ready made databases

With a premium account, you will have access to formatted specialty databases of all types. View climate change, Health- related data on a map. 

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