Adding a new layer

The "add layer" feature allows a user to pick from many options to load the system with data to build maps, tables, layers and get detailed demographics about that particular geo-spatial asset.

Working with layers

One you have built  or uploaded a layer, you will be able to toggle between them in the left window of your window. Here the user will be able to Rename and Delete a layer. 

Other options:

1. Select: A user will be able to select multiple layers and view data from layers side-by-side.

2. Combine layers: A user can have the option to combine layers via drop down options.


The "Neighbors" Window will have either one or two drop down options, depending on whether direct business or consumer search was executed. 

Once layer is chosen, a user can click on business or consumer to view a table of consumer or business list in any chosen area.

"Show" Feature

On the map page, users can check or uncheck options to show or hide businesses and/or consumers in an area and also layer Traffic data, Transit data and Bicycle traffic data.

Advanced Filter

Once a user assembles a table of consumer or business data by either searching a location or specifically showing data, user can further filter the data to show. One can filter data and manipulate data.

Finding A New Location

GeniusGIS allows the user to search for Geographical locations. You can search by city, state, county and zip code. Once a location is found, the system will show businesses and consumers in that location and user will have the option to show traffic data, filter businesses and consumers, etc.


Mapped Marketing Data

GeniusGIS gives you the option to see Neighbors / marketing data on an interactive map. You have the option to view details, send messages, and call the businesses or consumers on the map.​

Choosing Map type

The system allows you to customize the appearance of your maps by making available various types of maps. Choose a map type that uniquely communicates your ideas.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your data?

Our GeniusGIS Platform is built on the world-famous Google Maps Infrustructure. Access all the features Google Maps has to offer as well.

Vehicle Traffic Counts

The Likelihood of success at any retail location largely depends on traffic. The quality of traffic plays a central role as well. Different types of traffic ( Lunch crowds, commuters, shoppers) impact your business differently. 

Finding Marketing Data

This feature allows the user search for specific businesses and/or consumers in a geographical location. The system offers many filters to help the user specifically show customized data on a map and also for export.

Upload Custom Layers

The system provides two main ways to load other layers to display on map and layer with other kinds of geo-spacial data.

1. Add Layer From File:
Here a user has the ability to upload a formatted geo-spacial file to build a new asset in asset window. A user will be able to see demographic data where available and also be able to layer on map with other assets.

2. Browse preset Layers:
As a user, you will have access to a vast  library of formatted popular layers to use with your maps. 

Saved Locations/ Assets

Here a user can save all displayed assets, including locations and assets for future retrieval

Our Asset Marketplace feature is a free platform within GeniusGIS that allows you to build dynamic maps with data sets shared by other users and our staff. You can also choose to share your data with other users as well. 

Asset Marketplace
Edit Assets

Once you have created and/or uploaded your assets/ Layers, the system gives you several options: You can rename, delete or merge assets with other existing assets/ Layers.

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