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How Can access to accurate traffic data Transform Your business and Unlock More Economic Opportunities? 

Access to the latest traffic counts is essential to the success of any retail location. Being connected to the latest traffic data for various location can greatly impact your decisions as to which location is the best fit for your retail rollout. You will  need  to have the most up to date traffic data that is accurate enough to identify different groups of customers so you can plan accordingly. 

GeniusGIS - aadt traffic count


Adapt to last-minute developments and help your team meet their goals. Get detailed geographical demographics supplied by the U.S Census Agency. Expand, sell, market with confidence.


Armed with detailed data points, Create a map of consumers or businesses in any Community. Get details like names of businesses and consumers, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.


Know your retail location's potential. Get the latest traffic counts for major streets in The U.S.A. See which location would get the most pedestrian traffic, helping you analyze success ratios at multiple locations

Most sales / business mapping platforms are typically unnecessarily complex and/ or, too costly for the average small business owner. GeniusGIS was designed specifically for small business use. We built this simple, but powerful mapping application to help small businesses accomplish their planning goals without the extra complications and exorbitant costs.
Our sales mapping application can be used to quickly and effectively build sales territories, create sales routes, analyze sales, illustrate areas of saturation and growth, and understand customers better in just a few clicks.

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The success your business will depend on a lot of different factors - where your customers are located, when they want you there, which products and services they are more likely to buy, income levels, education levels of your customers, etc. Easily build intelligent maps that helps you anticipate the needs of your business, customers to not only save money and reduce marketing costs but also boost customer service and increase worker efficiency.

Community Data.....

A treasure trove of rich data, just waiting to be put to use. Genius allows you to access data created by other users to help add insights to your maps. You also have the option to share the data you create with other users on the platform via our Data marketplace feature. Show-off your rich data with other users.

Geo Demographics

Access the latest, area-specific demographics about any chosen location. See income levels, educational rates, the health of the local economy, population data, and many more. Make the best business decisions with the most accurate data available.

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