Choosing Map type

Understanding Map Type Feature

The type of map chosen to display your data can make a significant difference in whether you effectively communicate your vision or not. The Map type feature allows flexibility, allowing the small business owner to clearly communicate her ideas with her team and business partners.

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The system allows you to customize the appearance of your maps by making available various types of maps. Choose a map type that uniquely communicates your ideas.

Choosing Map type

The ability to manipulate the Type of map data is shown on can be a great asset to professionals who have to communicate geo-spatial elements in the most graphic ways possible. This feature helps any presentation come alive. 

Step 1: Log into your GeniusGIS account and access an asset from left top window, click on the asset containing desired data.

Step 2: Click on the Map                     Layer

Step 3 : Click on the map type and select from dropdown menu.

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