Individuals, for the most part, thrive in the wild wild west nature or social media. One can comment honestly and sometimes, harshly on any given topic. Some platform like Youtube and Reddit provide complete anonymity, thus allowing us to be our true selves online. Eve...

According to the department of labor, there are over 23 million one-man operated businesses today in The United states. There are, however, about 5 million other organizations with full or part time employees. At these entities, the owner/ boss/ CEO has the responsibil...

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Various useful software applications and devices make it easier than ever to get organized, streamline your marketing efforts and even find employees and partners across the globe. Platforms like Facebook, Recur...

While most small businesses fail in their first three years, one major way to better your chances for success in your new company is to tap into the right industry.  Industries like software, Real Estate, and accounting tend to see higher profits when compared to other...

The Internet is easily accessible these days, opening up various unconventional avenues in the marketing arena.

Creating a concise, comprehensive customer profile is one of the most important steps any small business owner can take as part of their marketing efforts and overall business. strategy. There are very few documents more important than a customer profile.

Facebook is an increasingly powerful local marketing tool. Believe it or not, the platform is not only for stalking your exes.

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