Optimize each location by combining  targeted customer demographics and territory data

Know your Customers

Create profiles of potential customers based on Net worth, Incomes, Credit scores etc.

Target locations

Understand and visualize different areas that might fit certain products and customer needs.

Optimize marketing

Use Geographical data to segment and customize marketing campaigns and reach the most desirable customers.

Customer Analytics

Targeted Demographics

Identify the demographic characteristics of the areas where your customers live.

Successful Product Launches

Use the analysis tools to aggregate the demographic characteristics within a particular distance of your customers.

Sales and Marketing

Message Directly To Your Audience

Pinpoint locations that are within your sales area and that have desirable demographic characteristics and plan your mail or phone campaign message around them.

Unlock Potential 

Locate communities with desirable demographics before renting marketing lists, buying advertising, or creating new content.

Other Cool Features

Explore endless possibilities and insights with our Cloud-based GIS mapping tool. Grow your business with confidence

Create Stunning PDF Reports

Our "Create a report" feature allows you to quickly and easily create stunning detailed PDF reports to share with your team and investors. Select from various templates to make your data come alive.

Download B2B and consumer marketing data

Not only does GeniusGIS provide you with the detailed demographic data based on your chosen geographical location, the system also allows you to download, in Excel format, all the potential customers in an area. Use this data for direct marketing.

Upload your own data

GeniusGIS allows you to upload your own databases to display alongside a wealth of demographic data to help make informed strategic business decisions.

Ready made databases

With a premium account, you will have access to formatted specialty databases of all types. View climate change, Health- related data on a map. 

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